Josenilson Leite - Poeta de Garanhuns
Poemas da vida, palavras do coração
Feverish Plague
By: Josenilson Leite Poet of Garanhuns

Faced with chaos
That plagues the world
With the pandemic.

Children being born
Dying adults
A sad agony.

Locked at home
Or loose in the street
Without having joy.

Distant from each other
Wanting a cuddle
That before it could.

Impossible hug
Hidden smile
Cold humanity.

I do not know what to do
I want a hug
I want joy.

I want the smile to show
Friends back
Living in Harmony.

Missed the campfire
Missing the gang
There was no Saint John.

Forró didn't play
Dawn inside
In my clown.

I want the streets
Well full of people
Like long ago.

Children running
Playing and having fun
With loyal smiles.

My God I confess
And in faith I ask you
We have already suffered too much.

Liberate Brazil
Of this feverish plague
Bring back peace.

Josenilson Leite Poeta de Garanhuns
Enviado por Josenilson Leite Poeta de Garanhuns em 28/06/2020
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